You can only dream to build the most beautiful place in the world, but it requires TRUSTED people to make that dream a reality! SKprojects is that trusted companion on whom you can rely upon to build your dream home, because we listen to your needs, design to your specifications & build your dreams.

At SKprojects, we provide Turnkey Construction & Design Solutions from inception to completion i.e. from Architectural Design, Planning, Construction, Handover & most importantly customer Satisfaction. We walk hand in hand in person, through each step of the construction offering Expert Supervision, Quality Materials based on IS Standards & Excellent Workmanship.

Being an established marketplace in India for construction materials, this is a step forward to enhance the experience of building your home.

SKprojects is the one stop solution for all your construction needs, a leading turnkey civil and interiors solution provider in Delhi NCR. We provide general contractor and design-build construction services. Partnering with owners and designers, SKprojects team has successfully executed projects while providing value, expertise, and solution-oriented construction services.

Established in 2000, SKprojects retains a MES Contractor license. Our vision is to provide innovative solutions, that will ease your search for right quality construction materials, which not only suits your budget but also available in accessible time by a reliable delivery system.

Our management staff brings over 20 years each of experience in all areas of engineering and construction. Each discipline is led by a registered professional. SKprojects maintains a perfect safety record and exceptional reputation for outstanding quality management. We are a multidiscipline contractor with above average self-performing capabilities (95%) and a proven track record of delivering cost-saving services to both our federal and commercial clients.

Our diverse portfolio includes governmental, commercial, institutional and Industrial construction projects. SKprojects is a powerhouse of innovation, craftsmanship, and expertise. Our infrastructure and diversified job experience give us flexibility; we’re as adept and competitive on smaller projects as we are on larger ones. SKprojects has strategic ties to other companies that enable us to team and partner to bid on larger, more diverse projects. These relationships have enabled us to bring expertise and depth to bear in the execution of projects.

  • 2 year warranty post handover
  • Reduced total time during the contractual process by having just one process.
  • A seemingly “lower cost” when integrating “all” the elements under one provider.
  • Minimizing orders of change (those of which generate more costs against the contractor) during the implementation of the project because the changes and adjustments fall under responsibility of the only contractor.
  • Definitely, the main advantage of this service is the peace of mind the owner gets when it hands over full responsibility of the project to “only one contractor”, it is much easier for the owner to manage and communicate with one provider, which means “one neck to choke”.
    Skprojects self performs 100% of all our contracts. We takes pride in our staff of engineers, project managers, quality control/safety managers, foremen, superintendents, and skilled craftsmen, many of whom have been with the Company since inception. These levels of employee commitment and ability have allowed us to perform every contract awarded on time and with full client satisfaction. We “ramp up” staff levels to meet project demands by hiring additional personnel locally pursuant to geographical areas and local goodwill exposure. We maintain an extensive inventory of specialty tools and a fleet of construction equipment.
    The safety of personnel, equipment, and facilities at a project site is a top priority for Skprojects, and behavior-based safety awareness is actively promoted to avoid accidents and injuries. Or safety plan is based upon proven and established safety processes, procedures, our corporate safety culture, and lessons learned from all our projects. SK projects demonstrates the success of our commitment to providing and maintaining a safe work environment for our employees, clients and other personnel present at our job sites.
  • Committed completion dates

    We strive to be the best; a company that has the ability to provide a flexible and personal approach to projects resulting in a positive experience for all involved. We take pride in what we do and how we do it and will constantly look for new ways to improve and exceed expectations for the benefit of our customer, staff and supply chain.